Work Platforms

Mezzanine Case Studies

When a free standing mezzanine is being utilized as a work platform it is typically sized to the specific purpose / equipment. The joists and stringers are strategically located to support the specific equipment. The decking is specific to the purpose as well. The client gains economic square footage, but the purpose of the free standing mezzanine is typically more focused than gaining space.

For Work Platforms in Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, the Mid-West states CSI is who you should partner with. We are the logical choice, the safe choice. Many times a client has standardized on a manufacturer for their work platforms. When they have not we strongly recommend Steele Solutions or EGA Products. They are exceptional work platform manufacturers.

CSI provides a free standing mezzanine as a work platform when a client needs to elevate equipment such as conveyor, inplant offices, security cages, etc.

  • Designed around the equipment
  • Designed to handle the motion forces and vibrations of the equipment
  • Efficient use of space

IF YOU DO NOT SEE SPECIFICALLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, Contact us We offer a wide variety of work platforms including type of structure, decking, railing, custom designs, designs for specific purposes, seismic, and more. Our objective is to assist you in obtaining your goals and objectives.

We have several forms of mezzanines for many different objectives and environments: Structural Mezzanine, Shelf Supported, Rack Supported, and more.