In-Plant Offices

Modular Office Case Studies

CSI utilizes versatile wall systems for its modular inplant office applications. Our modular inplant office applications are flexible. Removing or replacing panels due to damage or desire is easy. Expanding the system is easy. Want to add a door or a window, easy. All of this EASY flexibility is because of the non-progressive design of the wall systems. One panel area can be dealt with without having to touch adjacent wall panels.

For Modular Construction like Inplant Offices in Chicago, Illinois, and the Mid-West states CSI is here to serve you. We are the logical choice. If you have not already standardized on an inplant office manufacturer we highly recommend Inplant Offices as an exceptional manufacturer.

CSI provides modular inplant offices for numerous types of applications; classrooms, engineering rooms, scheduling rooms, traffic rooms, bathrooms, and more.

  • Steel or Aluminum Posts; 1 ¾” or 3”
  •  Sound Reduction Wall Panels
  •  Economical Hardboard Wall Panels
  •  UL Class A, FM Class 1, Non-Combustible Gypsum Wall Panels
  •  1 ¾” or 3” Wall Panels
  •  Numerous Wall Panel Coverings for the unique Application

CSI provides modular inplant offices that give you the flexibility to move them or rearrange them as your needs change. Contact us for more information or Request a Quote and put us to work for you on your modular inplant office project. We also have Guard Shacks and Portable Shelters.