Portable Shelters

Modular Office Case Studies

Distribution, manufacturing, construction, security; the industry in which a client operates does not matter. There are times when we all need to be prepared to relocate such things as kiosks, parking booths, dispatch offices, security guard shacks, traffic offices, shelters, small offices, etc.. Pre-built portable shelters and portable office buildings are perfect for environments that have a lot of change. The portable shelters and portable office buildings that CSI provides will fulfill their designed purpose for years.

For Portable Shelters in Chicago, Illinois, and the Mid-West states look no further than CSI. We are the logical choice. We typically utilize Speed Space as our prefered manufacturer for Portable Shelters. We have relationships with other portable shelter manufacturers so if you have standardized on another manufacturer we most likely can work with them.

CSI incorporates portability to shelters and office buildings for those clients that operate in a world of change.

  • Structural Members: either rust retardant finished steel or high strength aluminum
  • High density impact resistant walls, floors, and ceiling
  • Forklift pockets
  • Structural Channel Steel Base with Stringers
  • HVAC, exterior lighting, electrical packages, counters, unique wall panel coverings, and more are among the available options

Portable shelters and office buildings are designed to be moved. As circumstances change these structures can be relocated to accommodate the new objectives. Contact us for more information about our portable shelters and portable office buildings or Request a Quote and put us to work for you on your portability project.

We also have Modular Inplant Offices and Guard Shacks.