Drive-Thru Rack

Pallet Rack Case Studies

Drive-Thru Racks are primarily utilized for first in first out storage. Rails running the depth of both sides of the aisle are used to store / support the pallets. Drive-Thru racks systems have an entry direction for loading pallets and an exit direction for unloading pallets. Drive-thru racks maximize warehouse space utilization by reducing the wasted space utilized for aisles.

For Drive-Thru Racks in Chicago, Illinois, and the Mid-West States CSI is the logical choice. We can meet any Drive-Thru Rack standardizations. If you have not standardized on a Drive-Thru Rack Manufacturer, we would strongly recommend Steel King and Speed Rack. Steel King and Speed Rack are exceptional Drive-Thru Rack manufacturers with whom we have immediate access to Drive-Thru Rack product.

CSI provides drive-thru racks for high density first in first out storage applications (FIFO)

  • Priced per bay for starters and add-ons
  • Allows up to 75% more storage than selective racking
  • Structural Channel Uprights
  • Durable Structural Angle Steel for Load Rails
  • Easy Bay access with flared entry design on the Load Rails
  • High Density Storage for First In First Out applications (FIFO)

IF YOU DO NOT SEE SPECIFICALLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, Contact us We offer a wide variety of options, including offset front legs, reinforced posts, seismic designs, and more.


If it is determined that drive-thru racks will not assist in achieving your objective we have many forms of pallet storage for many different objectives and environments: Selective Racks, Flow Racks, Cantilever Racks, and more.