Safety & Security Case Studies

Standard bulk storage lockers have from 9 square feet to 20 square feet ground level floor space. They typically do not have backs, bottoms, or tops (though all of those can be provided) and are made to mount against walls on solid floors in areas with ceilings over 90 high. Tops are recommended if ceilings are less than 108 high. Bottoms are recommended for areas with high moisture common. Bulk storage lockers are exceptional for individual storage of large bulky items. They are highly secure, durable, and esthetic, provide visibility to contents, and can be assembled in rows with starter and add-on units.

CSI provides bulk storage lockers for large capacity individual secure unit storage applications.

  • 36 48 wide
  • 36 60 deep
  • 90 high
  • 16 gauge flattened expanded metal
  • Single tier or double tier

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We also offer Security Cages, Military TA-50 Storage Lockers, Visibility Storage Lockers, as well as Tenant Storage Lockers. If you need more space within a limited footprint to incorporate your storage locker needs consider a Structural Mezzanine. Remember our professional installers for your storage locker installation project.