Safety & Security Case Studies

Storage of tenants’ seasonal items or for structures with multiple tenants but limited space are ideal applications for tenant storage lockers. Tenants normally place a high value on the additional secure storage space that tenant storage lockers provide. They place enough value in the additional secure space that in many cases they are willing to pay for it. Tenant storage lockers are exceptional for multi-unit rental structures such as beach condos, apartments (particularly those with heavy college residency), or any situation where individual secured storage space is limited. Tenant storage lockers also have maximum visibility for those situations where the contents need to be viewable. There are times and places when fuels and other items should not be allowed. Plus existing fire suppression, ventilation, and lighting are normally sufficient for the storage area. Tenant storage lockers do not come with bottoms, backs or tops standard. 

CSI provides tenant storage lockers for multi-unit dwelling situations.

  • 10 gauge 2” x 2” square welded wire mesh
  • Standard sizes: 36” – 48” wide, 36” – 60” deep, 90” high
  • Bottoms, Backs, and Tops optional
  • Single or Double Tier
  • Padlock lug or 3 point lock with keyed cylinder
  • Non-Standard sizes are available for unique applications

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We also offer Security Cages, Military TA-50 Storage Lockers, Visibility Storage Lockers, as well as Bulk Storage Lockers. If you need more space within a limited footprint to incorporate your storage locker needs consider a Structural Mezzanine. Remember our professional installers for your storage locker installation project.