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Racking Systems for Warehouses
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CSI has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations since 1969 when Bob Wall and Chuck Keene established Container Systems. Those same results continue to be achieved today with the Leadership of Mike Wall and the exceptional professional personnel of CSI.

Providing customer specific solutions was the focus in the early days of CSI and it continues to be the focus today. Every customer’s situation and opportunities are unique and deserve optimized solutions. Container Systems leverages historical experience, education, and learning’s for the benefit of our customers. We never take a one size, one product, one solution, one process approach.

CSI has served customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. CSI’s sales professionals have the character, competence, education, and training to provide unique and optimized solutions to meet the specific needs of Container Systems’ diverse customer base. Racking systems for warehouses, portable office buildings, industrial mezzanines, vertical lift modules, and much more are within our knowledge and capabilities. CSI’s sales professionals are not product focused. They are customer focused. Their purpose is to understand what the customer is seeking to achieve and assist them in achieving it in the best manner possible.

CSI’s success cannot be discussed without discussing the success of its customers. That is because CSI’s success is purely a reflection of the customer’s success. Container Systems is driven to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our desire is to assist our customers in achieving their goals and objectives, their desired business results.

For assistance in achieving your goals and objectives within racking systems for warehouses, warehouse shelving racks, installation services, or any materials handling project or servicecontact CSI. We are here to be a resource and to serve you.

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