Modular Offices

Installation Case Studies

Inplant office installation on mezzanine

Inplant Office on Mezzanine

Inplant office installation as training room

Inplant Office as Training Room

CSI performs exceptional inplant office installations

Have your personnel ever completed an inplant office installation? Our professional installers have. Because inplant offices appear to be somewhat like erector sets most of us played with as kids many clients think they can throw their people at it and get the job done. So you know, it is much easier to do the inplant office installation right the from the beginning than to fix it later while making the installation correct. Our professional installers will do it right.

Leave your inplant office installation to our professionals. Whether you consider the structure that you need within your facility a modular building, modular office, inplant office, in-plant office, in plant office, portable building, or by any other name Container Systems can install it professionally and properly for you.

We can install an inplant office in almost any location. CSI has installed modular offices in manufacturing environments, distribution environments, on top of mezzanines, in wide open spaces, and dark tight quarters. We have the experience and competence to professionally implement your installation.

Container Systems technicians and project managers are ready to bring their skills to work for you.

If you are looking for modular inplant offices or professionals for an inplant office installation, contact CSI.

For Modular Office Installation in Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, the Mid-West states CSI is the logical choice. CSI is the safe choice.