Security Cages

Safety & Security Case Studies

Wire partition panels are utilized to configure security cages for any unique application. Though there are standard size panels, there are few limits to the variability and even fewer to the overall size and configuration of the needed structure. Wire partition panels do not have to form security cages. They can also be used for machine guarding and barriers. Wire partition panels can be woven mesh or welded mesh. Security cages can be configured like any other structure, with interior walls, rooms, separate enclosures, windows, doors, and accessories like benches, lockers, shelves, work stations, and handcuff bars.

CSI provides security cages for both inventory security and personnel security.

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 walls
  • With or without ceilings
  • With or without floors
  • Swing or sliding doors
  • Security cage or barrier
  • Welded or woven mesh

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We also offer Tool Cribs, DEA Storage, Server / Colocation, as well as many other Safety and Security Products. If you need more space within a limited footprint to incorporate your security needs consider a Structural Mezzanine.