Server / Colocation

Safety & Security Case Studies

Some CSI clients need to secure just their own server and computer / telephone equipment. While other CSI clients need to secure server and equipment for multiple of their own clients. In this later case CSI provides colocation secure areas so each client’s equipment is secure in an independently secure area. Physical security of server equipment is very important and continues to gain in importance as we become a more electronic information world. Physical server security should be obtained in its own area. There should be very few to no reasons for the security of the server area to be breached outside of server access. Wire mesh panels provide critical ventilation while maximizing strength. The versatility of wire mesh panel enclosures (4’ or 5’ by 1’ increments standard) make them perfect for unique applications, whether securing servers for a single company or for multiple companies. CSI’s professional personnel can assist you in configuring secure enclosures for your server security needs.

CSI provides server physical security and server colocation physical security for clients.

  • Wire mesh panels provide maximum ventilation
  • 10 gauge wire mesh panels with 2” x 1” openings
  • 2” square posts
  • Highly configurable and versatile 
  • High security locks

If you do not see specifically what you are looking for Contact Us, we are here to assist you. Request a quote and put our professional personnel to work for you.

We also offer Security Cages, Tool Cribs, DEA Storage, as well as many other Safety and Security Products. If you need more space within a limited footprint to incorporate your security needs consider a Structural Mezzanine.