Military (TA-50)

Safety & Security Case Studies

The standard reference for military lockers used for individual secure storage applications, gear lockers, and standard storage lockers is TA-50 lockers. TA-50 is the standard issued gear for soldiers, such as Load-Bearing Vest, Assault Pack, Ruck Sack, canteens, poncho, Advanced Combat Helmet, etc.... Seepictures of the equipment typically stored in TA-50 lockers. Military style lockers are not just for the military though. They are storage lockers and thus are suitable for storing any items you would like to securely store. They come in welded wire or expanded metal heavy gauge steel. There are many internal options available such as shelves, hooks, additional internal secured areas, with or without back panels, you can define the options your application may need. Military lockers are meant to be highly secure and highly visible.

CSI provides TA-50 military lockers for individual secure storage applications.

  • Welded wire or expanded metal
  • 36 wide or 42 wide
  • Single swing door or bi-parting swing doors (Both Options are Full Length)
  • Stand alone or create a row with starters and adders
  • 3-point locking system, pad lock or key

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