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Wire Shelving Installation

Wide Span Shelving  Mezzanine Installation

Wide Span Shelving Supporting a Mezzanine

At Container Systems (CSI) we take significant pride in the efficiency of our wire shelving installation(s). Wire shelving installations are not typically considered complex but they commonly represent a significant amount of rework. When installing runs of wire shelving two bays commonly share a common set of posts and thus the shelves must be built in layers instead of bays. The care and precision we take with our wire shelving installations is consistently a ‘value add’ our customers did not originally anticipate. Most customers think installing wire shelving is going to be easy until the rework begins piling up on them. We can solve that issue for you. Contact us for more information.

CSI has the personnel, experience, and tools to take the pain out of all of your shelving installations. It is not the best use of your personnel’s time to have them installing shelving. The task may not appear to be complex so you try to save a dollar. The reality is that you are losing far more from the loss of their productivity than the cost of having experts, like us, complete the shelving installation for you. With your personnel the risk of damaging shelving units, experiencing consistent rework, and injury to personnel is great. By-pass those things and let our professionals efficiently and worry free complete your shelving installation.

We install all types of shelving:

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