Mezzanines Case Studies

AWarehouse Mezzanine   S&C Electric, global specialists in electric power switching and protection products and services.   Additionally they did not want to sacrifice valuable storage space in the facility for the lab.  CSI surveyed the available space, which included 25’ ceilings, and recommended an enclosed testing lab with a mezzanine overhead to maintain a maximum storage area.  High speed doors run by motion detectors were also added to maintain the integrity of the testing environment.  By working with multiple vendors (Steele Solutions, Inplant Office and DynaCo), CSI was able to provide a complete solution for the customer.  As an added bonus, the structure was designed so that in the future, the customer has the option of turning the added storage space into offices or another lab. 

BRack Supported Mezzanine Geologistics, a leading international logistics integrator, faced a unique challenge when one of their customers required them to operate as a co-packer for them.  In order for Geologistics to accommodate all of the products in their existing facility and have the space to pick on the floor, they needed a creative solution.  CSI designed and installed a two level rack supported mezzanine which created sufficient space for the picking process.  Additionally, CSI was able to meet all budgetary goals by recommending used equipment for the project, which was a win-win situation for the customer. 


CShelving Supported Mezzanine Neuco, a premier HVACR controls distributor, was faced with a space challenge as they expanded the number of their SKU’s.  They already had a shelving supported mezzanine structure in their facility, but wanted to add to it to allow for more product.  They queried their own trusted vendors for recommendations on who might best be able to provide a design and product to meet their needs, and CSIwas selected.  The material handling experts at CSI had to match existing heights, widths, and capacities of the current mezzanine structure, in addition to avoiding any disruption to the picking process while adding on the mezzanine expansion.  The solution was a two level shelving supported mezzanine which allowed the Neuco employees to pick orders on both levels at the same time without the use of any lift equipment.  This enabled the customer to expand the picking operation while making it more efficient at the same time.