Racking System Case Studies

A. Selective Pallet Racking Quality Screw & Nut, a national importer and manufacturer of fasteners, was storing product in three outside warehouse locations.  They decided to consolidate and move into a new building and they consulted CSI to help them solve the problem of storage and immediate access to their product. They needed 100% selectivity for thousands of SKU’s.  By recommending a narrow aisle pallet rack system, CSI was able to help the customer eliminate all of their outside warehousing.  This system reduced the traditional aisle space from 12’ to 5’ and allowed the customer to successfully store all SKU’s while maintaining 100% selectivity at all times.


BDrive-In Racks A large national foodservice container company was searching for a cost-effective solution to their high-density storage needs.  They approached CSI with the intent of utilizing a roll form racking system for their product.  CSI’s material handling experts consulted with the customer and recommended a different and ultimately better solution that ensured long-term durability:  a structural steel drive-in rack system manufactured by Steel King.  CSI went the extra mile and brought the customer to a facility that utilized this system to demonstrate its efficiency and applicability to the specific need of the prospective customer.  Ultimately the customer outfitted a 700,000 square foot facility with this drive-in rack system.



B1. Drive-In Racks Winpak  A global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality plastic packaging materials came to CSI for a materials handling solution when they moved the warehouse portion of their business to allow for more manufacturing space.  The customer needed the maximum amount of storage space in the new larger warehouse to account for current and future growth. With thirty-foot high ceilings in the new facility, CSI recommended a drive-in rack system from Speedrack which would maximize this vertical space and accommodate multiple SKUs.  Although the customer was on board with this solution, their existing forklifts could not accommodate the new height levels.  CSI’s expertise in material handling challenges resulted in a money-saving answer to the situation:  CSI recommended that instead of purchasing a new fleet of forklifts, the customer should swap out the existing masts.

B2. Drive-In Racks Nestle One of the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers presented CSI and its competitors with a challenge: Provide a proposal to replace an existing drive-in rack system within a limited timeframe at a very competitive price.  Additionally, this customized solution had to follow the industry gold standard of Good Manufacturing Practice.  CSI was the only materials handling company that stepped up to the challenge and was able to provide a complete GMP-approved system which included specially designed rub rails to help reduce forklift damage.  The design was also based on maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. The result was a custom-designed solution and installation that met all of the customer’s needs within the time constraints.

C. Drive-Thru Racks A national food manufacturer/distributor experienced growing pains when they found the selective racking system they had been using could not accommodate the growing amount of product they had to warehouse.  CSI offered an effective solution: Utilize a heavy-duty drive-thru racking system that could accommodate 3000 lb. pallet loads, which allowed the customer to continue to use a FIFO process for their perishable goods while being able to store twice the amount of product.




DCarpet Rack DeSitter Flooring, one of the nation’s premier dealers and installers of fine residential and commercial flooring, faced the dilemma of efficiently and safely storing thousands of rolls of high-quality carpeting in its new warehouse.  The CSI experts recommended a carpet rack system that met several needs:  it allowed DeSitter to make efficient use of the air space in their warehouse while utilizing a smooth-top steel deck that ensured the carpet would not be damaged when accessed or stored.



E. Pallet Rack – Custom APL Logistics, an international third-party logistics company located on the West Coast, needed a customized solution for a unique problem.  Their end-user was a high-profile garment manufacturer and the product needed to be stored carefully and efficiently to ensure easy access.  CSI designed a custom steel hangar rod that attached to the first beam level of the pallet rack.  CSI’s combined expertise in design and space maximization enabled this customer to store over 60,000 hanging garments in an efficient and easily accessible way.