Safety and Security Case Studies

A. Security Carts  A national retailer offering in-store pick-up for products ordered online needed a secure and efficient way to store the items on the sales floor of each location. This presented both a security and aesthetic challenge for CSI.  CSI recommended a heavy duty wire shelving security cart made by Metro.  The chrome finish and clean lines fit in well on the sales floor.  From an efficiency and security viewpoint, the cart can easily be locked and is visible from all sides making easy access for sales clerks to quickly obtain a customer’s order.  CSI met the additional challenge of providing the security carts to hundreds of locations around the country in a timely manner, and completed the large magnitude project under budget.




B. Guard Rail A worldwide leader in fastener manufacturing needed to address a pedestrian safety issue in a high traffic forklift area.  The customer needed a solution which allowed hundreds of employees to access the cafeteria near this area, while ensuring that a protective railing could withstand the impact of a forklift.  CSI recommended and installed a Wirecrafters 42” high 2-rail industrial safety guard rail.  The CSI solution provided safe walkways for all employees and created a more efficient traffic flow for the forklifts. 


C. Data Center Security Fencing  A national leader in the high security industry of data center management relied on CSI to provide a custom fence installation to maintain the highest level of security for their facility.  In custom designing this client’s solution, CSI had to take into account that the security fencing had to extend below the computer floor and above the drop ceiling to ensure the most secure environment for the numerous servers at the facility.  Additionally, the cage had to be equipped with a gate that had the capability of being interconnected with card, fingerprint and heat sensitive readers.  Although this was a highly customized job with multiple components, CSI provided a turnkey solution for the customer, and was able to deliver a workable design, product and installation which met all timing and financial parameters of the project.

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