Machine Guarding

Safety & Security Case Studies

Many organizations define machine guarding as preventing access of inadvertent hands, body parts, or objects to the immediate area of the moving parts (like chains and sprockets or pinch points). Most injuries occur when personnel or vehicles cross into the general area of a work cell unknowingly. CSI provides machine guarding for those work cells and heavy machinery areas. It prevents access to these areas without authorization at its most restrictive implementation and prevents personnel and vehicles from crossing into an unsafe work area unknowingly at its least restrictive implementation. CSI uses wire mesh enclosure panels in a fence form, guard rail typically in the form of Mega Guard, handrail, and other forms of barrier equipment that would be appropriate for the unique situation. Machine guarding is vitally important to protect employees and reduce the risk of significant injury. CSI’s professional personnel can assist in determining your needs based upon your objectives and situation.

CSI provides machine guarding for clients that desire to protect their employees and reduce the risk of significant injury.

  • Wire Mesh enclosure panels
  • Guard Rail
  • Mega Guard
  • Handrail
  • Other forms of barrier equipment appropriate for the unique situation

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